Talking to Your Teen about Alcohol

Talking to Your Teen about Alcohol

The teenage years are filled with many exciting milestones. From experiencing puberty, taking up driving test, dating and the list goes on. Adolescence is also the time they get drunk for the first time. A local Malaysian study found that teens as young as 15 are drinking alcohol, implying that socialising and drinking tend to go hand in hand for many youngsters.

Alcohol use is a dangerous act for teens as alcohol delays vital brain functions, resulting in unsteady movements, slurred speech and many more. Furthermore, the Malaysian teens who had used alcohol were more likely to have used illicit substance, experienced injury, engaged in sexual behaviours and fights. Therefore, it is never too early to talk to your teen about alcohol as they are often more knowledgeable than what we think. The earlier you talk to your children about alcohol, you can have greater influence on their drinking decisions in the future.

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