Spice Up Your Health this Deepavali

Spice Up Your Health this Deepavali

In the Sanskrit language, “Deepa” means “lights” while “Vali” indicates “a row”, thus, it literally means “a row of lights”. Deepavali or “Festival of Lights” is a 5-day celebration typically observed either October or November every year. Spices play an indispensable role in Indian cuisines. Indian cuisine is colourful, flavourful and the spices are not only delicious, they come with a plethora of health benefits. They will leave your taste buds asking for more. There is a saying that goes; the key to successful Indian dishes is using the right spices. 

Biogreen PreBalance Powder is made from wheat germ, black sesame, white sesame, green seaweed, nutritional yeast and carrot. It contains a variety of vitamins which are essential for health maintenance and body nourishment. Five colour foods are used to vitalise 5 principal organs in our body namely, kidney (black), lungs (white), stomach and spleen (yellow), heart (red) and liver (green). This product is a good source of fibre, plant protein and also contains vitamin A, B-complex and E. It tastes nutty, cheesy and delightfully savoury; try this in your savoury snacks this Deepavali!                                           

Suggested Consumption Method:

Mix 1 tablespoon (10 g) PreBalance Powder with 200ml warm water (avoid hot water), 1-3 times per day, can be added into plant-based milk, rice, porridge, soup, noodles or salad,  or used to make bread and cookies.

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