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Biogreen SoyLab-16 Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermented Extract, 10ml x 4 tubes

Secret Weapon to Maintain a Good Gut health and Immunity

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For Kids
For Elderlies
For Poor Immunity
No Added Sugar

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There are good bacteria, and there are bad ones. Biogreen SoyLab-16 Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermented Extract is all about the befriending the good bacteria. Unbalanced gut flora increases intestinal permeability, leading to a condition known as “leaky gut syndrome”. Consequently, harmful bacteria, toxins and undigested food materials can leach into the bloodstream, triggering abnormal inflammation and immune responses.

Developed with state-of-the-art LAB probiotics technology and cultured through a 12-month fermentation and maturation period, Biogreen SoyLab-16 Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermented Extract serves to support a healthier gut for a healthier you.

Product of Japan

LAB Fermented Extract (Bacterial Secretion and Bacterial Body Substance)*, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid

*Free from live bacteria

  • Bacterial Secretions
    • Promote growth of friendly bacteria
    • Inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria
  • Bacterial Body Substances
    • Repair damaged intestinal linings
    • Maintain a healthy gut environment
    • Support immunity

 Product Features

• 100 Years of Research - Backed by extensive clinical trials, and trusted by healthcare practitioners in over 850 clinics in Japan
• High Strength - 16 selected LAB strains were co-cultivated to create competition, thereby enhancing their performance and anti-bacterial properties
• Remarkable Resilience - Produced using organic, non-GMO soya beans as a culture medium (an environment that makes it difficult to proliferate).
• Premium Quality, High Potency - Fermented and matured at fixed temperature and humidity for 12 months to ensure best quality
• High Safety Assurance - Adhering to strict manufacturing process and quality control measures in alignment with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

  • Poor digestive health and irregular bowel motions 
  • Allergies
  • Inflammatory skin conditions
  • Lifestyle-related diseases
  • Poor immunity
  • Poor urinary tract health
  • Poor oral health
  • Chronic fatigue

For general health maintenance, dilute 2ml (about 28 drops) in 250ml warm water, stir well and serve. Once a day before meal.

For specific health concerns, dilute 2.5-3ml (about 35-42 drops) in 250ml warm water, stir well and serve. Twice a day before meal.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Q1. How do I know if I have an unhealthy gut?
A: Observe if you have any of the following symptoms, which may point to an issue with your gut health.

    • Fatigue and malaise
    • Joint and muscle pain
    • Fevers of unknown origin
    • Food allergies and intolerances
    • Abdominal pain and distension
    • Diarrhoea or constipation
    • Skin rashes or acne flare
    • Cognitive and memory deficits
    • Shortness of breath 

Q2. How does SoyLab-16 support a healthy gut?
SoyLab-16 supports a healthy gut in 3 ways:

1. Creates a friendly intestinal environment to promote natural growth of the body’s own good bacteria, which is the best fit for a person compared to taking external probiotics
2. Suppresses bad bacteria. As the good bacteria flourish in the environment mediated by SoyLab-16, the harmful bacteria colony shrinks and their growth is suppressed.
3. Strengthens the immune system by activating Peyer’s Patch and gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT). 

Q3. I’m allergic to soya bean. Can I take SoyLab-16?
A: SoyLab-16 is essentially free from soya protein. However, if you are allergic to soya bean or other associated allergies, it is best to consult your physician before consuming any health supplement. 

Q4. When is the best time to consume SoyLab-16?
It is best to consume on an empty stomach, diluted with water for best results. 

Q5. Can I take SoyLab-16 when I am taking other medications?
Yes. However, leave a 2-hour gap before or after taking medications for SoyLab-16 to work optimally in the body. 

Q6. What kind of results will I anticipate after taking SoyLab-16?
Your digestive health should gradually improve with better bowel movement. The frequency of poor digestive symptoms such as constipation, diarrhoea and indigestion will reduce gradually. You will also observe improvements in energy level and immunity. 

Q7. How much of SoyLab-16 should I take?
For general health maintenance, dilute 2ml in 250ml warm water, stir well and serve. Once a day before meal. For specific health concerns, dilute 2.5-3ml in 250ml warm water, stir well and serve. Twice a day before meal. 

Q8. Can children take SoyLab-16?
Yes, as it has no added flavourings, colourings and preservatives. Below is the daily recommended dosage for general health maintenance:

6 months to 2 years old

3 drops

3-6 years old

6 drops

7-12 years old

14 drops

Q9. Why do I pass gas more often after taking SoyLab-16?
SoyLab-16 aims to improve the balance of gut bacteria. Upon taking SoyLab-16, improvement will take place and changes in the colonic flora may lead to passing more gas. However, this will usually improve within 2-4 weeks.

Q10. Can I take SoyLab-16 on a long-term basis?
SoyLab-16 is a 100% plant-based proprietary formula extracted from 16 strains of lactic acid bacteria and fermented in an organic soya bean broth. It is free from artificial colourings, preservatives and flavourings without any known side effects. There is no issue to consume SoyLab-16 on a long-term basis for optimal gut health. 

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