Smoke or Health? Your Life Your Choice

Smoke or Health? Your Life Your Choice

It’s difficult to break the smoking habit due to the addiction to the nicotine in tobacco. Most people start smoking around or before age 18. Besides the reason of nicotine that is high addictive, many people have their own reasons for continuing to smoke.


Is Biogreen Organic Green Balance Powder good for smokers or ex-smokers? YES!

Biogreen Organic Green Balance Powder is made from Organic Barley Grass and Organic Wheatgrass which are rich in 120 types of nutrient with variety of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll & active enzymes.


• Rich in chlorophyll and active enzymes- to purify and detoxify our blood.

• Abscisic acid- may help to prevent cancers.

• High in antioxidants- reduces the oxidative damage incurred by nicotine and harmful chemicals

Suggested Consumption Method:

Mix 1 teaspoon (2g) Green Balance with 200ml warm water (avoid hot water), twice a day, (preferable before meal); can be added into soya milk, oatmilk or juice, or sprinkle on rice, pasta, dishes, soups, salad and etc.

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