Smart Start with Conscience!

Smart Start with Conscience!

Children are the future builders of the nation. Their growth, development and health are very important for the society, community and nation they belong. According to Aristotle, a sound body has a sound mind. Nutrition and physical activity are both important in building the physic of a child. There is a saying that habits are learned behaviors, they are not intuitive. Parents should introduce a wide variety of nutritious food choices from the very beginning of life as a foundation for their children own health start. If you are searching for new year resolutions to help your child develop healthy habits from young age, here are a few key tips!

Is Biogreen O’Kid Oatmilk good for children’s health?


Biogreen O’Kid Oatmilk is made from organic oats certified by NASAA, soya protein, soya lecithin, organic flax seed, organic flax seed oil and oligosaccharide. It is specially formulated for better performance and diet transition in children above 1 year old. It is better in taste and finer in texture for better absorption and digestion.


  • Oat β-Glucan: For better concentration and improve immunity
  • High Protein: Help in tissue repair and growth
  • High Calcium: Strengthens bones and teeth
  • High Fibre: Aids in digestive system
  • Omega-3 and Soya Lecithin: Important building blocks for brain and eye development.

   Suggested Consumption Method:

Mix 2 tablespoons (25g) O’Kid Oatmilk with 250ml warm water (avoid hot water). Stir well and serve.


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