Purple Star Cereal Bar

Purple Star Cereal Bar

Purple Star Cereal Bars are so easy to make and is both nutritious and tasty at the same time. It can be eaten at any time of the day, to provide you with a boost of energy and antioxidants for you to conquer your daily tasks effortlessly. Don’t forget to bring it along on your adventure!

Yield: 6 bars
Preparation Time: 10 minutes

• 140g Etblisse Purple Star Crunch
• 100g Biogreen Raw Honey
• 50g Etblisse Bamboo Salt Organic Peanut Butter
• ¼ teaspoon Biogreen 84 Live Fine Sea Salt
• ¼ teaspoon vanilla paste
• 1 tablespoon Biogreen PAC-37 Whole Dried Cranberries (optional)
• 1 tablespoon Biogreen Organic Sultana Raisins (optional)

Preparation Method:
1. Mix honey, peanut butter, salt and vanilla paste until smooth and combined.
2. Pour the mixture over purple star crunch in a large mixing bowl and stir using a rubber spatula until the purple star crunch are completely coated.
3. Add in cranberries and raisins and mix evenly.
4. Line an 8x4 loaf pan with parchment paper and add in the mixture. Press the mixture firmly into the pan to prevent it from falling apart when eating.
5. Cover the pan with aluminium foil before putting it into the fridge for 2 hours.
6. Remove from fridge after 2 hours, cut into bars and the Purple Star Cereal Bars are ready to serve!     

Health Tips:
 Etblisse Purple Star Crunch is made with healthy, 5-star ingredients such as oats, purple sweet potatoes, almonds and dried fruits that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants and calorie-friendly as well. It is the perfect go-to snack compared to typical breakfast cereals that are loaded with unhealthy oils and added sugar.
 Biogreen Raw Honey is used to hold the cereal bar together and gives it a good taste and texture. It can provide many benefits and nutrients compared to regular sweetener such as high fructose corn syrup by improving digestion and relieving body discomfort.

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