Our Mission

Upholding the spirit of “Pay it Forward”, we are establishing a platform by allowing you to share good products or services to the needy through a rippling effect of kindness, and more importantly beyond the boundaries of religion, race and gender.

What is

The Concept

A community and earth support program

The Mission

To bring bliss to everyone and support community development, while maintaining earth sustainability

Core Value

We Shared and Shared

We Share

Upholding the spirit of "Pay It Forward", Eblisse will fund vary of projects that profit people's life and earth sustainability, beyond the restriction of religion, race and gender.

We Share

Part of the profits earned from products or services funded by Eblisse will be reinvested on an projects or go back to the local communities.

Now, you can simply bring hapiness to others, as well as bringing bliss into your life by following the simple steps below.

How It Works

Step 1

Purchase from the selected item

Step 2

Click on the pop-up link to a page featuring items under the "Pay It Forward" category

Step 3

Choose "Donate" or "Own Purchase" when make payment

Step 4


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