Post CNY Detox: Do You Really Need It?

Post CNY Detox: Do You Really Need It?

You probably read our article on the guide to choosing foods and drinks wisely during CNY. However, logic went out of the window when the joyous occasion started with grand reunion dinner dishes, yee sang tossing, cookies stuffing and endless kanpai session. So on the 16th lunar, some may have had their mind blown by their high weighing scale result and others might just feel drained with heavy footsteps. Returning back to normal after CNY seems not the easiest thing to do on earth. 

Then, you saw it. Kinds of detoxing programs or products springing up like mushroom after the rain in your social media account (including email), with amazing detoxing results and fancy cost. Just like what others said, desperate time calls for desperate measure. You probably had already decided or just made up your mind to try one of those programs or products, but wait, you opened this email as well. What are we trying to tell you here, exactly? 

Well, if you are looking into it more detail, there is no such thing like “detoxing” in medical term. The idea of washing away your calories sins, flushing your system of impurities and leave your organs squeaky clean is basically a scam. Truth is, your body together with all those important organs like liver can detox on their own, No detox program or products works better than a healthy fully functioned human body. However, why does detoxing exist anyway and what roles do green vegetables and smoothies take part here?

The ultimate lifestyle of “detox” is not smoking, exercising and enjoying a healthy balanced diet. Healthy balanced diet, especially with sufficient fresh vegetables and fruits intake provide all the nutrients you need to aid organ detoxification. So instead of directly detoxing your body with outsourced products, what you need to do is just providing a right medium for your body to keep the engines going. Green vegetables are always on the highlight because they contain high amount of phytonutrients including chlorophyll that improves liver detoxification, and don’t missed out their fibre contribution to help in weight-loss diet. Not limited to green, colourful fresh produce contains various important antioxidants that help to neutralizing free radicals and prevent cell aging.

Aside from that, water is a key ingredient that acts as medium to flush out all the waste from your body after your organs had complete their job. Keeping hydrated can be fancy as well with green tea sipping during the day. Next, get your biological clock back on track after Chinese New Year disarray and get 8 hours of sleep a day for best. Getting enough sleep quantity and quality helps to maximize nutrients absorption as well in the body. Last but not least, one can never skip exercise to get healthy. Sufficient exercise helps to burn fats and keeps the body in tip top condition.

When you already have the correct mind set for detoxification, who says you can’t go for detoxing anymore? Planning a detox can be easily done at home with more skilful food selection, and you won’t easily fall into the trap of cunning product or program marketing strategies. And that’s what we want to you learn, at least a little from here. 

This article is written by Ms Chong Wen Xin (Nutritionist) for Green Image Organic Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.

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