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Rosy Mama Package - Blood Maker (Pink Lady Oatmilk + Black Bean Cane Sugar Free)

Say Goodbye to Fatigue & Unhealthy Ghost-like-pale-white Face

RM 124.80

For Pregnant Mommies
For Poor Immunity
No Added Sugar

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About 1 in 5 Malaysians suffer from anaemia. Anaemia is one of the major problems facing by ladies and mothers, especially those currently having baby and even after delivery. Having insufficient blood or poor blood circulation due to low iron count, unhealthy red blood cells and lack of other nutrients often result in symptoms such as pale face, dizziness, fatigue and hair loss among mothers. 

Biogreen Pink Lady Blood Maker Package supports healthy blood formation and circulation with its precious ingredients such as beetroot, 10 types of wholegrains and organic black bean. These  natural and organic ingredients provides the body with rich amount of nutrients such as iron, folic acid and various types of vitamin Bs, which are essential  in blood making. A good supply of red blood cells in-turns promotes better blood circulation and nourishment of cells and tissues throughout the whole body, presenting healthy mums glowing from the inside out!

Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmilk :
Organic Oats (Certified Organic by NASAA), Buckwheat, Mung Beans, Black Rice, Red Lentil, Black Soya Beans, Soya Beans, Red Sorghum, Wheat Berries, Barley, Beetroot, White Sesame, Inulin, Flax Seed Oil, Soya Protein*, Soya Lecithin*, Nutritional Yeast, Pine Nut, Sea Salt


Allergy Advice: Contain Soy, Nuts


Biogreen O'Tigres Organic Black Bean Powder (Cane Sugar Free) :
100% Organic Black Beans*

*Certified Organic by BCS 

Allergy Advice: Contain Soy


Pink Lady Oatmilk :
• Beetroot: Good source of iron and folic acid to increase blood count, promote healthy blood circulation and rosy skin complexion

• 10 types of wholegrains: Rich in plant proteins, vitamin B complex and antioxidants to fight free radicals, support optimal energy
• Source of fibre: Contains beta-glucan which boosts the immune-fighting properties of skin cells
• Source of Calcium: Strengthens bones and teeth, maintains good metabolism
• Prebiotic Inulin: Enhances growth of beneficial bacteria to improve bowel movement, reduces toxin in the intestines and thus strengthens immune system

O’Tigres Organic Black Bean Powder (Cane Sugar Free) :
• Rich in iron and folic acid- increase blood count, promote healthy blood circulation and fight fatigue

• Protects the heart with fibre, folate, magnesium and polyphenols
• Anti-aging with powerful antioxidants
• Diabetic-friendly

Energy Tumbler :
• To shake and divide the water molecules into smaller elements for easier digestion and absorption

• Make drinks smoother with a better taste

Anemic ladies or those dealing with anemic symptoms such as having:
• Sleeping disorders
• Heart palpitations
• Pale skin complexion
• Dizziness & constant fatigue

Mix 2 tablespoons (25g) Pink Lady Oatmilk and 2 tablespoons (30g) O’Tigres Organic Black Bean Powder in 250-300ml warm water (avoid hot water). Shake/Stir well and drink. It contains dietary fibre that will naturally settle at the bottom of cup.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight. Use within 8 weeks after opening. 

Friendly reminder: This is a 100% natural and organic product, the flavour and colour of this product may therefore vary slighty due to seasonal variation. 

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