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Rosy Mama Package - Collagen Builder (Pink Lady Oatmilk + Perfect Pink Lady)

Get the Coveted Mochi Hada Skin Look with Natural Collagen!

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For Pregnant Mommies

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Collagen is the vital and major skin structure builder throughout the skin. For ladies and mothers, loose skin on belly hips, tights, breasts and hair loss during post-pregnancy is natural phenomenon. However, without the right nutrients in body to produce sufficient collagen, these saggy layers may not go back to their normal elasticity.  

Supporting body with sufficient nutrients for collagen making during and after pregnancy is ultimately important, and Biogreen Pink Lady Collagen Builder Package is just right for them! This special formulation and combination supply body with collagen-boosting nutrients such as hydroxyproline, lysine, proline, iron, sulphur and silicon from more than 30 types of precious ingredients.

These nutrients work synergistically to re-activate the collagen production in body, nurturing beauty from within and preserve youth among ladies. Asides from offering elastic and firm skin structure, these nutrients also promotes gut detoxification and further improving skin complexion!

Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmilk:
Organic Oats (Certified Organic by NASAA), Buckwheat, Mung Beans, Black Rice, Red Lentil, Black Soya Beans, Soya Beans, Red Sorghum, Wheat Berries, Barley, Beetroot, White Sesame, Inulin, Flax Seed Oil, Soya Protein*, Soya Lecithin*, Nutritional Yeast, Pine Nut, Sea Salt


Allergy Advice: Contain Soy, Nuts


Biogreen Perfect Pink Lady Oatmilk:
Oats, Soya Beans, Beetroot, Glucose, Brown Rice, Maltodextrin, Organic Oat Bran, Mung Beans, Red Beans, Job’s Tear, Soya Protein, Buckwheat, Millet, Purple Rice, Linden Leaf, Soya Lecithin, Oligosaccharide Fibre, Black Bean, Barley, Organic Spirulina, Red Lentil, Calcium Carbonate, Flaxseed, Pumpkin Seed, Chinese Yam, Alfalfa, Broccoli, Burdock Root, Cabbage, Carrot, Psyllium Husk, Shiitake Mushroom, Spinach, Black Sesame, Walnut 

Allergy Advice: Contains Soy, Sesame


Pink Lady Oatmilk :
• Beetroot: Good source of iron and folic acid to increase blood count, promote healthy blood circulation and rosy skin complexion

• 10 types of wholegrains: Rich in plant proteins, vitamin B complex and antioxidants to fight free radicals, support optimal energy
• Source of fibre: Contains beta-glucan which boosts the immune-fighting properties of skin cells
• Source of Calcium: Strengthens bones and teeth, maintains good metabolism
• Prebiotic Inulin: Enhances growth of beneficial bacteria to improve bowel movement, reduces toxin in the intestines and thus strengthens immune system

Perfect Pink Lady Collagen Drink :
• Making new collagen- Important amino acids such as Glycine, Proline & Hydroxyproline contribute to 60% of total amino acids in collagen

• Silicon- Promotes natural collagen synthesis, accelerates toxins removal, improves skin strength & elasticity
• Sulphur- Strengthens hair & nails, boost metabolism, promotes bile release for better fat digestion
• Detoxifying fiber to enhance bowel motion and the growth of gut-friendly bacteria
• 5-colour food to nurture great inner health

Energy Tumbler :
• To shake and divide the water molecules into smaller elements for easier digestion and absorption
• Make drinks smoother with a better taste

Ladies, especially those pregnant or post-delivery mothers that like to increase skin firmness, elasticity and better complexion. Also suitable for those experiencing hair loss after pregnancy or hormonal imbalance

Mix 2 tablespoons (25g) Pink Lady Oatmilk and 2 tablespoons (20g) Perfect Pink Lady Collagen Drink in 250-300ml warm water (avoid hot water). Shake/Stir well and drink. It contains dietary fibre that will naturally settle at the bottom of cup.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight. Use within 8 weeks after opening.

Friendly Reminder: This is a 100% natural and organic product, the flavour and colour of this product may therefore vary slightly due to seasonal variation.

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