Biogreen Waterman Portable Alkaline Water Purifier

Produces Alkaline Water (pH 8.5 to 9.5), No Power and Water Connection Needed

RM 218.00


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Biogreen Pink Lady @ Water Man is a unique portable alkaline water purifier produced by an established and reputable international Korean company. Biogreen Pink Lady @ Water Man follows the law of nature using multilayer natural purification and filtration systems to give us refreshing alkaline mineral water! The high-quality water contributes to healthier and smoother skin, reduces tooth decay, enhances concentration and improves health, giving our body its energy and vitality to meet every challenge!

Multilayer natural purification and filtration systems

• Silver Activated Coconut Shell Carbon
• Bio-ceramic ball
• Somelite™ Coral Mineral Sands
• Bipolar Magnet Sand

• Mineralizing (with calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc) and improves water quality.
• Helps to remove chlorine, dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, debris and odour from water.
• Inhibits bacterial reproduction.
• Environment friendly - 1 purifier can replace 800 plastic water bottles.

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