Christmas Pancake

Christmas Pancake

Etblisse Emil A2 Christmas Pancakes

A festive delight infused with the goodness of Emil A2 Purple Vision Milk. These merry pancakes blend the holiday spirit with nutritious ingredients for a joyful breakfast experience. Celebrate the season with fluffy, flavorful pancakes made even more special with the nourishing touch of Emil A2. Perfect for adding a dash of magic to your Christmas.


Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 30minutes

Yield: 10 pieces


Part A

  •          2 eggs
  •          120g etblisse Emil a2 purple vision milk powder dilute with 300mL warm water
  •          ¼ tsp Biogreen 84 Live sea salt
  •          2 tsp etblisse Organic Trimming Apple Cider Vinegar
  •          2 tbsp etblisse Organic Raw Cane Sugar

Part B

  •          1 tsp baking powder
  •          120g cake flour

Part C

  •          80g biogreen Organic Turkish Sultana Raisins


  •          Assorted fresh fruits (strawberry/ blueberry)
  •          200g whipping cream
  •          10g Emil a2 purple vision milk powder; sprinkle


1) Pre-measure ingredients for parts A, B and C.

2) Combine part A ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

3) Blend part B ingredients into the mixture from part A.

4) Add part C ingredients into the combined mixture.

5) Pan-fry pancakes in various round sizes and trim the edges.

6) Whisk whipped cream until stiff peaks form.

7) Assemble the pancakes, arranging them from the largest to the smallest size with layers of whipped cream and fruits in between.


Health Tips

Etblisse Emil a2 is a special formulated earth-friendly plant milk containing 40% purple yam, violet and red sweet potatoes, coupled with wholegrain brown rice and oats, making it a storehouse of antioxidants, essential amino acids, plus various vitamins and minerals. These root and tuber crops are well-recognised for their anthocyanins, β-carotene (vitamin a precursor) and flavonoids content, priming them as functional food materials.

Notably, the Compendium of Materia Medica has termed purple yam as the exotic “purple ginseng”, for having high medicinal value in regulating immunity, hydrating the skin as well as vitalising the spleen, lungs and kidneys. Both inulin and oligosaccharides are able to enhance the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut and hence promote a healthier digestive system.


Etblisse Emil A2诞煎饼

圣诞佳节的早晨来点不一样的早餐!这款融入Emil A2紫山药奶的营养煎饼,不止让您吃进满满的营养,更为您带出满满的佳节愉悦感,为今年的圣诞增添多一分美丽的记忆!






  •          2个鸡蛋
  •          120克Etblisse Emil A2紫山,用300毫升温水稀释
  •           ¼ 茶匙Biogreen 84活性海盐
  •          2茶匙Etblisse有机修剪苹果醋
  •          2汤匙Etblisse有机原蔗糖


  •          1茶匙发酵粉
  •          120克蛋糕粉


  •          80克Biogreen有机土耳其葡萄干


  •          各种新鲜水果(草莓/蓝莓)
  •          200克淡奶油
  •          10克Emil A2紫色紫山药奶,撒在表面


  1. 将A部分的配料放入一个碗中,并搅拌均匀。
  2. 将B部分的配料混合到A部分的混合物中。
  3. 将C部分的配料加入最终的混合物中。
  4. 用平底锅以不同的圆形大小煎烤煎饼,并修剪煎饼的边缘。
  5. 用搅拌器打发淡奶油至硬性发泡。
  6. 将薄煎饼从最大到最小的顺序叠加,中间夹有一层层的淡奶油和水果。


Etblisse Emil a2是由逾40%的紫薯、红薯及紫山药,搭配全谷糙米及燕麦等配制而成的友善大地植物奶,富含抗氧化剂、必需氨基酸及各种维生素及矿物质。此根茎类也以其花青素(anthocyanin)、β-胡萝卜素(维生素a先质)及类黄酮素而闻名,具有强大的抗发炎效益,进而被冠为机能性食材。


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