O’Kid Raspberry Oat Popsicles O’Kid

O’Kid Raspberry Oat Popsicles O’Kid

Frozen treats are always the favourites among kids, but many parents are concerned of the amount of synthetic colours, flavours and even sugars added in these commercial ice-cream and popsicles! Worry not, Biogreen nutritionist has designed a tasty and absolutely healthier popsicles recipe for you, and guess what? It only takes less than 15 minutes for preparation!

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Freezing Time: 4-5 hours
Yield: 3 popsicles

• 6 tablespoons (75g) Biogreen O’Kid Oatmilk

• 130g fresh/frozen raspberries (or any preferred berries)
• 2 tablespoons (30ml) Biogreen Raw Honey
• ½ teaspoon vanilla paste
• 230ml purified water

Preparation Method:
1. Save few whole raspberries aside for decorations later.

2. Mix all other ingredients in a food processor and blend for 1 minute at high speed or until they turn smooth.
3. Into 3 popsicles mould, roughly distribute whole raspberries at the bottom of each mould. 
4. Pour the popsicles’ base into the moulds, tap them very gently on a working surface, then insert popsicles’ sticks and freeze.
5. Depending on your freezer, it might take 4-5 hours or even longer for complete freezing.

Health Tips:
Commercials ice-cream and popsicles are often added with lots of food additives, sugar and fats to make them more appealing. However, overconsumption of these frozen sweet treats is one of the major cause of obesity and hyperactivity among kids.

♥ This recipe contains high fibre from oats, antioxidants like vitamin C from fresh raspberries and active enzymes from honey, absolutely a healthier frozen treat for your kids when hot weather strikes!




• 6汤匙(75克)Biogreen O’Kid燕麦奶

• 130克新鲜或冷冻覆盆子(或任何喜爱的莓果类)
• 2汤匙(30毫升)Biogreen活性蜂蜜
• 半茶匙香草酱
• 230毫升纯净水

1. 将几颗覆盆子搁置一旁备用。

2. 将其他所有材料倒入食物调理机后并以高速搅拌至顺滑即可。
3. 将完整的覆盆子置放于冰棒模的底部,再倒入以搅拌好的冰棒基体。
4. 置入冰棒棍和盖后放进冷冻库冻上4至5个小时或直到完全凝固即可享用。


♥ 这款简单上手又健康的O’Kid燕麦莓果冰棒富含燕麦的纤维质、新鲜覆盆莓的维生素C及蜂蜜的活性酵素成分,绝对是孩子们更健康的甜点选择!

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