Oatmeal Chia Bowl

Oatmeal Chia Bowl

Oatmeal is a perfect meal for everyone to kick off the breakfast or even dinner, since it is a hearty meal packed with all benefits.  It is easy to prepare as no cooking is required.

Yield: 2 servings
Preparation Time: 1 hour
Processing Time: 5 minutes

• ½ cup Etblisse Quick Cook Organic Jumbo Oats
​• 3 tbsp Etblisse Organic Black Chia Seeds
​• 3 tbsp Biogreen O’Soy Plus Organic Soya Milk Powder (Low Cane Sugar) + 320ml water
​• 1 tbsp Etblisse Purple Star Crunch
​• 1 tbsp Biogreen PAC-37 Whole Dried Cranberries
​• 1 tbsp Biogreen Organic Sultana Raisins
​• 1 tbsp Biogreen Raw Honey (optional)
​• 1 tbsp nuts of your choice

Preparation Method:
1. In a medium bowl, combine jumbo oats, chia seeds and soya milk. Fold to combine until ingredients are evenly distributed. Cover and let rest at least 1 hour in the fridge (or even overnight).
2. Divide chia oatmeal between serving bowls. Add more soya milk, if desired. Add toppings and serve immediately.

Health Tips:
 Furthermore, it is extremely versatile as you can experiment endless variations and stir-ins which make breakfast on-the-go fun and satisfying. 
  Etblisse Quick Cook Organic Jumbo Oats is grown in pristine nature of Finland with vast amount of sunlight, clean air and pure waters. It is high in dietary fibre, low in saturated fat and naturally sodium free. Besides, it is 12% higher in beta-glucan compared to regular oats, and consuming 3 grams of oat beta-glucan a day has been proven to lower or reduce your blood cholesterol and delay the rise of blood sugar.
  Etblisse 100% Organic Black Chia Seeds have been carefully cultivated, screened and minimally processed to retain their nutritional values. These tiny little seeds have earned the superfood title owing its high nutrient density such as fibre, plant-based omega-3, antioxidants, protein as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. It is shown to help in strengthening your bones, loving your heart and keeping your weight and gut healthy.

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