Nutrition for Hepatitis

Nutrition for Hepatitis

As we have discussed the types and symptoms of hepatitis in the previous issue, it is now time for us to look through what are the nutrition considerations for people with hepatitis.


Is Biogreen Organic Spirulina Vita 7 recommended for individual with hepatitis? YES!


Biogreen Organic Spirulina Vita 7 consists of 100% organic spirulina (Certified Organic by Naturland, Germany). Spirulina platensis is a blue-green algae that is high in protein content (more than 60%), complete with 18 amino acids, vitamins (carotenoids, vitamin B complex), minerals (iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium), antioxidants and active enzymes. A clinical trial reported that patients with chronic hepatitis C had improved liver enzymes and functions after 6 months of daily supplementation with spirulina. Test tube studies found that calcium spirulan, Cyanovirin-N, Micovirin- in spirulina algae strongly inhibits the growth of some viruses such as hepatitis C virus and HIV.

Adults: Chew 10 tablets, once per day before or after meals.

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