NEW LAUNCH! Ready-to-drink OYA Plant-based Milk

NEW LAUNCH! Ready-to-drink OYA Plant-based Milk

Are You Looking for a Better Plant-based Milk for Yourself and Your Family?

OYA Is Just Right For You! 

The question is, what is OYA? Well, OYA is a series of plant-based milk with sustainability in mind. More than just plain oats, soy, or peas, we had created something more versatile  with a creative blend of 100% natural and organic whole grains & various superfoods.  With Biogreen and etblisse, we always want our customers to enjoy only real food. So unlike other plant-based milk in the market with all sorts of FAKE ingredients, OYA is giving you something REAL!

•100% vegan
•100% natural & organic
•Zero artificial additives
•Added value with oligosaccharides prebiotic
•Wholegrain fibre  goodness
•Enhanced with superfood & functional ingredients
•Lower sugar formulation 

Next question, what make OYA sustainable? Rather than just an earth-friendly plant-based milk,, OYA is conserving the life of endangered Malayan tapir! For every OYA sold, 3% goes to the Moya Conservation Fund for the conservation of the endangered Malayan tapirs.

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