Biogreen Liuli Solar Water Bottle, 850ml

Solar Water with Flower of Life

RM 36.79


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The concept behind solarised water, rooted in colour therapy (chromotherapy), suggests that penetration of light through blue-coloured bottle changes the chemical, physical and biological properties of the water. This is called solarised or sun-charged water. The longer the water remains exposed to the sun (for 1 to 6 hours), the stronger is its effect.

The science behind sun-charged water is that when a bottle is left under the sun long enough, the heat and ultraviolet rays of the sunlight destroy bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

TRITAN Co-Polyester

*BPA-free, durable and eco-friendly

1. Fill your Liuli Solar Water Bottle with clean water and set them near window sill or direct sun for at least 1 hour (not more than 12 hours).
2. Use it for cooking, wash your fruits or vegetables, rinse after shower, water house plants.

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