Jadeite Cabbage Treasure Dumplings

Jadeite Cabbage Treasure Dumplings

Surprise your father, mother, grandpa, grandma, father-in-law and mother-in-law with this beautifully crafted Jadeite Cabbage Treasure Dumplings, sure they will praise you to the heights! Even #UncleRoger will be impressed!


Preparation Time: 1 hour
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Yield: 18 dumplings


Plain dough

• 125g all-purpose flour
• 25g boiling water
• 50g cold water 

Green dough
• 60g all-purpose flour
• 2 scoops Biogreen Organic Green Balance Powder + 30g warm water 

• 5 pieces vegetarian chicken, diced
• 3 pieces Biogreen Organic Flower Mushrooms, soaked and diced
• 1 egg
• 1 piece Chinese cabbage, chopped
• ¼ carrot, julienned
• White pepper, to taste
Biogreen G Seasoning Powder, to taste
• Soy sauce, to taste
• Sesame oil, to taste

Preparation Method: 

To prepare dough
1. Add boiling water to all-purpose flour while stirring quickly to make sure the water spread evenly into the flour. Add cold water, mix the ingredients evenly and knead into a smooth dough. Cover with bowl and set aside for 30 minutes.

2. In another bowl, add reconstructed green balance juice to all-purpose flour while stirring quickly until mix evenly. Knead into a smooth dough, cover with bowl and set aside for 30 minutes. 

To prepare fillings
3. Stir-fry egg until scramble, then add in vegetarian chicken and mushroom and continue stir-fry until fragrant. Season with pepper, G Seasoning Powder, soy sauce and sesame oil for desired taste.

4. Once cooled, mix with Chinese cabbage and carrot to form the fillings. Set aside. 

To prepare dumpling wrappers
5. Roll out white dough and green dough into separate thin logs with equal length.

6. Roll out green dough again into a thin layer and wrap around the white dough. Divided into 18 smaller dough pieces.
7. Lightly flour the kitchen top and roll out the dough pieces into thin circles to prepare for wrapping. 

To assemble dumplings
8. Add roughly 1 heaping tablespoon of filling to the centre of a dumpling wrapper.  Fold the wrapper over the filling and pleat into a cabbage head shape to seal. Lightly press at the neck of the dumpling to close the dumpling.

9. Steam the dumplings for 15 minutes and ready to serve.


Health Tips:
Traditional meat dumplings are made from fat-laden meat, which is high in saturated fat and cholesterol. These treasure dumplings are jumped out of the norm, not only it’s a vegetarian delicacy, it’s also enhanced with superfood greens.

♥ Biogreen Organic Green Balance Powder is a superfood made from New Zealand organic wheatgrass and barleygrass, containing 120 types of nutrients including active enzymes, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and numerous antioxidants.
♥ It is traditionally used for maintaining health and strengthening the body, includes improving blood circulation, relieving fatigue, improving bowel movements, facilitating digestion, reducing body odour and maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails.



中秋节快到了,不妨趁一家团聚时献上这款精致的手工『翡翠白菜素饺子』,绝对能让你的爸妈、阿公阿嫲、岳父岳母对你赞不绝口,刮目相看!连#UncleRoger 也会赞叹!

烹调时间:10 分钟


• 125克中筋面粉
• 25克滚水
• 50克冷水 

• 60克中筋面粉
• 2勺匙 Biogreen有机大小麦苗粉 + 30克温水

• 5片素鸡肉,切碎
• 3片Biogreen有机茶花香菇,泡软切碎备用
• 1粒鸡蛋
• 一片大白菜,切碎备用
• ¼ 条萝卜,切丝备用
• 胡椒粉,适量
• 酱油,适量
• 麻油,适量



1. 将滚水以绕圈的方式倒入中筋面粉中且快速搅拌,让水分尽量分散到面粉各处。加入冷水,将材料混合搓好,揉成一粒光滑面团。用碗盖好,置放30分钟。

2. 在另一个碗里,将己冲泡好的有机大小麦苗汁加入中筋面粉且快速搅拌直到混合均匀。揉成一粒光滑面团,用碗盖好并置放30分钟。 

3. 鸡蛋炒熟切碎,再加入素鸡肉及香菇继续炒香。以适量胡椒粉、素G粉、酱油及麻油调味。

4. 冷却后加入大白菜碎及萝卜丝混合备用。 

5. 将白色及绿色面团搓成长度相同的长条状。

6. 把绿色面团滚薄,包裹白色面团。切成约18份小面团。
7. 在工作台撒上一些面粉,用面棍把面团推开成扁圆形。 

8. 在饺子皮的中间加一汤匙馅料,把面皮一摺一摺合拢黏合成菜头形,收紧中间并黏紧。

9. 把饺子放入蒸锅蒸15分钟即可食用。



♥ 这翡翠白菜素饺子不仅仅是蔬食,也採用了高性能的超级食物!
♥ Biogreen有机大小麦苗粉採用源自纽西兰的100%有机栽种大小麦苗,富含多达120种营养素,包括活性酵素、叶绿素、维生素、矿物质及多种抗氧化剂。传统上被用于维持健康及增强身体,包括改善血液循环、缓解疲劳、改善排便、帮助消化、减少体味及维持健康的皮肤、指甲和头发。


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