Helping Students with Mental Health Issues

Helping Students with Mental Health Issues

University students face not only challenges related to independent living, but also academic challenges and peer pressure. This predisposes them to depression, anxiety and stress. Recent surveys found that more than one-third of Malaysian university students suffer from moderate to severe depression. It is therefore important to identify the causes of these observations and design appropriate interventions to help these students overcome emotional disorders.

Is Biogreen O’Soy Plus Soya Milk Powder (Cane Sugar Free) suitable for students with mental health issues? YES!

It is made from 100% organic skin peeled soya bean, oligosaccharides and cane sugar. It is a healthy non-dairy beverage that is low in calorie and free from gluten.

• It has no added sugar, pure in taste and finer in texture, which facilitates better digestion and absorption.

• Soya Protein: improves immune functions, stress conditions and brain circulation. (Dilshat et al. 2012)

• Oligosaccharide: Enhances growth of friendly bacteria in the gut and increases the amount of neurotransmitters that affect stress levels.

Suggested Consumption Method:

Mix 2 tablespoons (25g) soya milk with 250ml of water water (avoid hot water). Stir well and ready to be served. 1-2 times a day.

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