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Raya Hampers & Gift Box 2024

HAMPER - 2024 Raya Hamper 5 (RM269)


RM 269.00


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1. etblisse Genki Cocoa Soymilk 6's x 30g

2. Biogreen Raw Honey 220g

3. Biogreen Organic Sultana Raisin 150g

4. etblisse Multigrains Tuber Sandwich Crackers 10x19g

5. etblisse 5 Grain Coconut Cookies 16 packets

6. Biogreen Salam Ketupat

7. Biogreen Premium Safawi Dates 180g (Arab Saudi)

8. etblisse Organic Quick Oat Flakes 500g

9. etblisse Organic Green Tea Bag 15's x 2g

10. etblisse Soy Mocha 4's x 30g

11. Premium Crystal Candle Holder


🔥LUCKY DRAW prizes worth a total pool of RM6600 for purchases of RM259 and above!

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