Genki Cocoa Banana Dates Smoothie

Genki Cocoa Banana Dates Smoothie

Genki Cocoa Banana Dates Smoothie, an energizing blend that promises a burst of rich cocoa flavour from Etblisse Genki Cocoa, beautifully complemented by the creamy texture of bananas and the natural sweetness of Biogreen Premium Safawi Dates. Each sip offers you a satisfying combination of chocolatey goodness and fruity sweetness, leaving you craving for more. Not only palate-satisfying, this smoothie serves as a nutritious powerhouse, ideal for Sahur session. It kickstarts your energy levels  while keeping you feeling full and focused throughout your fast!

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Serving size: 1-2


  •                 1 Frozen banana
  •                 4-6 Biogreen Premium Safawi Dates (Stones removed and roughly chopped)
  •                 30g Etblisse Genki Cocoa + 150mL warm water
  •                 1 tbsp (12g) Etblisse Organic Black Chia Seed
  •                 5 ice cubes (Optional)

Toppings: (Optional)

  •                 1 tbsp Etblisse Purple Star Crunch


  1.           Mix 30g Etblisse Genki Cocoa with 150mL warm water and stir thoroughly.
  2.           Transfer all the ingredients into a blender and blend for 30-60 seconds until the mixture becomes smooth and creamy.
  3.           Pour the mixture into a glass and garnish the drink with Etblisse Purple Star Crunch. Your delicious beverage is now ready to be served and enjoyed!

Health Tips:

- Pick the unsweetened cocoa powder to maximise its health-boosting properties. Etblisse Genki Cocoa, a potent source of antioxidants, functioning as little fighters that keep your body healthy. It may contribute to lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow to your brain, aiding in sustaining focus throughout the day.

- Biogreen Premium Safawi Dates, the energy powerhouse due to their natural sugars and fiber content. Ideal bites for Ramadhan, particularly Iftar session, which help you to regulate back your blood sugar level and boost your energy  after whole day of fasting.


推荐一款简单但活力满分的饮料给您 - Genki Cocoa Banana Dates Smoothie!这是一款融合了浓郁可可香的营养冰沙饮,再配合香蕉顺滑口感,以及天然甜味的椰枣,一整杯都是满满令人回味的醇厚奶香。Etblisse 元气可可豆乳、Biogreen 优质Safawi椰枣及香蕉的营养配搭,除了可以为运动爱好者补充能量,更是穆斯林朋友封斋前、开斋后的理想选择,确保在神圣的封斋月期间,在心灵得到更高一层的提升的同时,也不忽略身体的健康!




  •         1根冷冻香蕉
  •         4-6颗Biogreen Premium Safawi Dates(去核并切碎)
  •         30克Etblisse Genki Cocoa + 150毫升温水
  •         1汤匙(12克)Etblisse Organic Black Chia Seeds
  •         5块冰块(可选)


  •                 1汤匙Etblisse Purple Star Crunch


  1.           将30克Etblisse Genki Cocoa与150毫升温水混合,彻底搅拌。
  2.           将所有食材倒入搅拌机中,搅拌30-60秒,直至混合物变得光滑细腻。
  3.           将混合物倒入玻璃杯中,用Etblisse Purple Star Crunch装饰。


-          为了充分发挥健康功效,选择无糖可可粉是明智之举。Etblisse Genki Cocoa的纯可可粉含有强大的抗氧化剂,对抗炎症并维护心脏健康。它有助于降低血压,改善大脑血液循环,保持全天的专注力。

-          Biogreen Premium Safawi Dates拥有天然的糖分及丰富的纤维含量,是身体健康能量来源。在斋戒月期间,尤其是适合当小吃,以帮助调节血糖水平,并在一整天的斋戒后为身体补充所需的能量。

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