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Etblisse Soy Latte Sachet, 1's x 30g


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Etblisse Soy Latte serves an unique formulation brings you not only organic soya milk that complement the intensity of premium coffee but also make a perfect combination with 18 types of whole grains and herbs, an exceptional latte that provides premium plant protein and dietary fibre, with nothing artificial! Suitable for vegans and those with lactose intolerance.

Organic Soya Milk, Organic Whole Cane Sugar, Oats, Natural Coffee, Maltodextrin, Wheat Fibre, Organic Coffee, Soya Lecithin, Soya Protein, White Sesame, Black Bean, Nutritional Yeast, Calcium Carbonate, Barley, Brown Rice, Buckwheat, Millet, Purple Rice, Red Glutinous Rice, Red Wheat, Sorghum, Flaxseed Oil, Salt, Chinese Yam, Gordon Euryale Seed, Job’s Tear, Lily, Lotus Seed, Wolfberry

30% less sugar compared to regular coffee latte.

Empty 1 sachet (30g) into a glass with 150ml warm water. Stir well and serve. It contains dietary fibre that will naturally settle at the bottom of the cup.

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