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Etblisse Emil I'Kid Sachet Box, 9's x 30g / 270g (HALAL)

Nurturing A Child Brain to Bowel

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For Kids
For Lactose Intolerants

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Nurture your child from brain to bowel with Etblisse Emil I’Kid. Made with natural unrefined brown rice, soya protein, soya lecithin and prebiotics, this 100% wholesome plant milk is packed with brain-boosting nutrients such as B-vitamin complex, iron and phospholipids. This earth-friendly formulation also contains Chinese yam and millet which aids digestion for little tummies and helps improve appetites in toddlers and young children.

Product of Taiwan

Soya Milk*, Brown Rice, Glucose, Organic Millet, Soya Protein*, Oligosaccharide, Inulin Fibre, Soya Lecithin*, Chinese Yam


Allergy advice: Contain Soy

5 Core Principles, All-Round Care for Your Child's Health

• Dual Action – Nurturing brain development to sustaining a healthy bowel
• Scientifically Formulated – Value-added product with wholegrains, lecithin and prebiotics
• Slowly Grinded at Low Temperatures – Mild without rancid flavours
• Fine and Delicate Powder – Eases digestion and absorption
• No Added – Flavourings, preservatives, dextrin 

Etblisse Emil I'Kid is suitable for infants and toddlers above 12 months old with:

  • Indigestion
  • Lack of appetite
  • Skin allergies

Recommended Serving

Feeds Per Day

Measuring Scoops

Warm Water (mL)









Note: Breast milk is the best for babies. Use the enclosed scoop. Before feeding your child, make sure the prepared beverage is at the right temperature by testing on your wrist and discard any unfinished feed. 

Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight. Use within 8 weeks after opening.

Friendly Reminder: This is a 100% natural and organic product. The flavour and colour of this product may therefore vary slightly due to seasonal variation.

Q: My kid has poor appetite and eat very little. I am worried that he might become malnourished. Is Emil I'Kid good for him?

A: Yes. Emil I'Kid is specially formulated to help children with poor appetite and indigestion to absorb nutrients better. While Chinese yam can help to improve appetite, millet is good for nourishing spleen and stomach and help with digestion. The combination of soya milk and brown rice provides essential nutrients for your child's brain development and help your child to grow better, from brain to bowel.


Q: Can I make Emil I'Kid into porridge? How is the texture like?

A: Depending on your preference, you can prepare Emil I'Kid into beverage or porridge according to the instructions provided on the tin. When made into porridge, Emil I'Kid texture resemble those of a baby food which is easy to digest and absorb. Besides that, it is also very appetizing and delicous and will surely be loved by your children.


Q: What are the differences between O’Kid Oatmilk and Emil I’Kid?

A: While O'Kid Oatmilk is oatmilk-based, providing all-around nutrients and support healthy development in children, Emil I'Kid is brown rice-based, aims to improve appetite and digestion in children with poor appetite or indigestion problem, helping them to absorb more nutrients for healthy bodily growth. Both O'Kid Oatmilk and Emil I'Kid support healthy brain development but have different taste and texture, therefore can be recommended to children with different taste preference.


Q: Why is there glucose syrup in Emil I’Kid?

A: There is a popular misconception that consumption of sugar is bad for our health, whereas the truth is that "excessive consumption of overly processed sugar is bad for our health". Unlike adults, children have immature digestive system that have not fully grown yet so it is essential to provide them with simpler form of carbohydrates for easier digestion and absorption. Glucose is the simplest form of sugar which can be easily used by our body to provide quick source of energy, thus is the preferred form of added sugar in children formula.


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