Healthy Breakfast Bundle

Easy & Quick OYA Breakfast Set

A Whole New Level of Deliciousness

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  • etblisse OYA Grain Grind 1L
  • etblisse OYA Beet’n Grains 1L
  • etblisse OYA Choccy Bean 1L
  • etblisse Purple Star Crunch 220g
  • Free 1 etblisse Pinky Glow Trial Sachet 30g

Open your morning to a whole new level of deliciousness with Easy & Quick OYA Breakfast Set! In just a wink of an eye, you can enjoy satisfying 100% natural and organic healthy breakfast with 3 different selections ofOYA plant-based milks and antioxidant rich breakfast cereal. Quick and easy and ready in no time, our no-cook OYA Breakfast Set are just what you need to enjoy a healthy start to any day. Wake up to the power of goodness.

Pour out 250ml with any choice of OYA Plant-based Milk into a bowl or cup, and add in Purple Star Crunch. Stir well and enjoy.

OYA Choccy Bean:

Loves chocolate but hates the excessive sugar and calories? We take pride with 20% of REAL COCOA in our exclusive Choccy Bean! We dare you to compare cocoa % from other ready-to-drink plant-based milk!  

OYA Grain Grind:

Enriched with 13 types of precious wholegrain, Grain Grind is here to help tackle your daily task with ease. High five to your PRODUCTIVITY boost! 

OYA Beet'n Grains:

We know you care about your skin, so we want to help by sharing our secret skincare food with you – the Beet’n Grains! Reap the benefits of SUPERFOOD BEET today!

Etblisse Purple Star Crunch is a healthy snack with much to offer. It contains:

  • Oat - high in fibre to satisfy your satiety and promote bowel movement
  • Purple sweet potato - contain antioxidant Anthocyanin which helps to fight free radicals and promotes better immunity
  • Fresh dried fruits - high in antixodant, plus various vitamins and minerals
  • Healthy nuts - good source of healthy fats 

OYA Plant-based Milk Series:

Once opened, keep refrigerated and finished within 5 days.

Purple Star Crunch:

Keep in cool and dry place. Away from heat and direct sunlight.

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