Dairy-Free Ginger Soy Pudding

Dairy-Free Ginger Soy Pudding

Are you looking for something creamy dessert to ward off the full-feeling? Ginger milk pudding is a classic Cantonese dessert.This super simple dairy-free recipe requires only three ingredients, which makes it perfect for a last-minute dessert! Let’s have a try at home now!

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time:  5 minutes
Yield:  2 servings

• 2 cups Etblisse Organic Old Ginger Soymilk (6 tablespoons + 450 ml filtered water)

• ½ tablespoon agar-agar powder
• 2 tablespoons Etblisse 100% Pure Pine Honey

Cooking Instructions:
1. Combine soymilk and agar-agar powder in a sauce pot, bring to a boil over medium heat, and cook until agar-agar powder dissolves completely.

2. Sieve the mixture to remove any ginger fibre before pouring into moulds.
3. Let them cool for 20 minutes, or until fully set. Unmould when fully set.
4. Drizzle with pine honey and it’s ready to serve!

Health Tips:
The ginger spices up the dessert and helps to cut down the craving for sweet tooth at the same time. 

♥ Etblisse Organic Ginger Soymilk is made with organic soymilk, coupled with 10-month-old ginger and minerals-rich organic whole cane sugar. It’s also a convenient way of consuming ginger and soymilk for its health benefits such as improves blood circulation, fights inflammation and supports healthy blood cholesterol level.



准备时间:5 分钟
烹调时间:5 分钟

• 2杯Etblisse 有机黑糖老姜豆奶(6 汤匙 + 450 毫升过滤水)

• ½ 汤匙燕菜粉
• 2 汤匙Etblisse 100%纯松树蜂蜜

1. 将豆奶和燕菜粉加入锅里,用中小火煮沸至燕菜粉全融化。

2. 把煮好的豆奶过筛后再倒入模具里。
3. 让它们冷却20分钟,或直至凝固定型。定型后即可脱模。
4. 淋上少许松树蜂蜜就可食用!

♥ 姜能为此甜点增加香气,同时还能减少嘴馋想吃甜食的渴望。

♥ Etblisse 有机黑糖老姜豆奶是由有机豆奶,搭配10个月老姜及富含矿物质的有机全蔗糖。这2合1的配方让我们可以一并摄取老姜及有机豆奶的健康益处,如促进血液循环、抗发炎及调节胆固醇。

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