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Biogreen O'Soy Plus Organic Soya Milk Powder (Low Cane Sugar), 800g (HALAL) PWP Biogreen O'Soy Crackers 480g /16 Small Packs x 30g (HALAL)

Not only non-GMO, also organically-grown soya beans to retain the natural taste of organic soya milk and Thick And Creamy Soya Taste, Crispy, Delicious!

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RM 60.84

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O'Soy Plus Organic Soymilk Powder :

Get your daily dose of heart-friendly protein from Biogreen O’Soy Plus Organic Soya Milk Powder, a delicious organic drink lightly sweetened with cane sugar. It’s gluten- and dairy-free, making it a great source of nutrients for vegetarians and those with lactose intolerance. It’s made from 100% organic soya beans through soaking, sprouting and skin peeling to preserve its nutritional value, and specially formulated for better absorption and diet transition making it suitable for adults with gout and young children alike.

Product of USA

O'Soy Crackers :

Made with organic soya milk, nutritional yeast and various healthy ingredients, these individually packed crackers are just as tasty as they are nutritious. Biogreen O’Soy Crackers are a great source of fibre and nutrients making it the perfect healthy snack for the whole family.

Product of Malaysia

O'Soy Plus Organic Soymilk Powder :

100% Organic Skin Peeled Soya Beans*, Oligosaccharide, Cane Sugar

* Organically grown in accordance with the European Union Organic Foods Standard (EC) No. 834/2007

Allergy Advice:Contain Soy

O'Soy Crackers :

Wheat Flour, Organic Soya Milk, Nutritional Yeast, Wheat Bran, Soya Lecithin*, White Sesame, Corn Flour*, Oligosaccharide, Cane Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil & Sunflower Oil)


Allergy advice: Contains wheat(gluten), soy & sesame

O'Soy Plus Organic Soymilk Powder :

  • Sprouted Skin Peeled Soya Beans
    - Facilitates digestion and minimises stomach discomfort
  • Low purine (28mg/serving)
    - Suitable for moderate consumption by individuals with high uric acid
  • Soya Protein
    - Helps in tissue repair and growth, lowers bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • Soya Isoflavones (68mg/100g)
    - Relieve menopausal symptoms e.g. hot flashes, vaginal dryness

    - Improves bone density
  • Oligosaccharides (Prebiotic)
    - Enhance calcium absorption, maintain a healthy intestinal environment

O'Soy Crackers :

  • High Fibre – Aids the digestive system.
  • Source of Protein – Supports tissue building and repair.
  • Oligosaccharides (Prebiotics) – Support a healthy intestinal environment.
  • Wheat Bran & Nutritional Yeast – Source of vitamin B complex for better energy metabolism.
  • Cholesterol and Trans-Fat Free (No Partial Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils).

O'Soy Plus Organic Soymilk Powder :

Suitable for adults and kids abover 12 months old, especially for:

  • toddlers allergic to cow’s milk protein or lactose intolerant
  • kids with unbalanced diet
  • individual who seeking for dairy milk alternative
  • individual with weak digestive system
  • all vegans

O'Soy Crackers :

All age groups.

O'Soy Plus Organic Soymilk Powder :

Mix 2 tablespoons (25g) with 250ml of warm water. Stir well and drink. It contains dietary fibre that will naturally settle at the bottom of cup.

O'Soy Crackers :

Healthy cracker to replace conventional unhealthy crackers that contain artificial colours, preservatives and baking agents.

O'Soy Plus Organic Soymilk Powder :

Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight. Use within 8 weeks after opening.

O'Soy Crackers:

Please keep in cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Friendly reminder: This is a 100% natural and organic product, the flavour and colour of this product may therefore vary slighty due to seasonal variation.

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