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Biogreen Enrich Pro Oatmilk Energy (HALAL) 850g PWP etblisse Organic Green Tea (HALAL) 15's x 2g

A Creamy Mouthfeel Formula Alternative to Dairy Milk

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Promo End 31/01/2022
For Kids
For Pregnant Mommies
For Poor Immunity

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Biogreen Enrich Pro Oatmilk Energy is an exceptional wholegrain plant-based milk tailored for people of all ages seeking for dairy milk replacement. This new formula has now doubled the amount of soya lecithin than the previous formula, delivering choline which is essential for brain and eyes development.

Oat beta-glucan and fortification with oligosaccharides prebiotic further supports nutrition absorption, digestion and immunity. Retaining the smooth and creamy mouthfeel everyone loves, Enrich Pro Oatmilk is indeed an ideal breakfast choice and dairy-milk replacement with improved nutrition. 

Product of USA

etblisse Organic Green Tea consist of hand-picked organic tea buds produced using 6 delicate steps from withering, pan frying, steaming,  rolling, drying and packaging. Soothing green character in depth and more fragrant than ordinary tea leaves, allowing you to savour this drink with a piece of mind.

Product Sri Lanka

Biogreen Enrich Pro Oatmilk :

Oat, Oligosaccharide Prebiotic, Corn Syrup, Soya Lecithin, Soya Protein, Sea Salt
Allergy Advice: Contains Soy

etblisse Organic Green Tea :

100% Organic Green Tea

Biogreen Enrich Pro Oatmilk :

  • 100% Wholegrain Oat
    - Oat beta-glucan lowers bad cholesterol & improves immunity

    - Dietary fibre for better bowel movement 
  • 2x Higher Soya Lecithin
    - Source of choline that support brain & eyes health

    - Lowers LDL cholesterol
    - Aids fat metabolism in liver
    - Improves skin hydration & cardiovascular health
  • Oligosaccharide Prebiotic
    - Supports growth of friendly bacteria in the gut

    - Promotes bowel movement & relieves constipation
    - Improves immunity 

etblisse Organic Green Tea :

  • Organic-grown & handpicked tea buds
  • Processed in 6 delicate steps from withering, pan frying, steaming,  rolling, drying and packaging
  • Soothing green character in depth and more fragrant than ordinary tea leaves
  • Antioxidant-dense to protect cell from free radical damage
  • Fight aging and protect brain’s function
  • No added sugar

Biogreen Enrich Pro Oatmilk suitable for adults and children above 1 year old, especially those with following conditions:

  • Growing kids & teenagers
  • Pregnant & breastfeeding mothers
  • Hyperlipidemia & those with fatty liver
  • Poor digestive health
  • Weak & poor immunity
  • Individual who is looking for milk replacement

etblisse Organic Green Tea suitable for adults seeking for organic green tea. Children under 12 years old should consume in moderation.

Biogreen Enrich Pro Oatmilk :

Mix 2 tablespoons (25g) with 200ml warm water (avoid hot water). Stir well and serve. It contains dietary fibre content will naturally settle at the bottom of the cup after reconstitution.

etblisse Organic Green Tea :

Pour 200-250ml freshly boiled water over a tea bag. Cover cup and steep for 3-5 minutes. Add sugar, honey or lemon juice to suit your palate.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight. Use within 8 weeks after opening.

Friendly Reminder: This is a 100% natural and organic product. The flavour and colour of this product may therefore vary slightly due to seasonal variation.

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