Beauty Secrets for New Mom

Beauty Secrets for New Mom

There is a saying that the moment a child is born, the mother is also born. Pregnancy and childbirth are critical periods that can change a woman completely. The moment your new-born rests in your arms, your priorities change tremendously. Enjoying a facial mask or manicure seems like a luxury to you. Just because you are a mother now does not mean you have to come second. Love yourself more only you have the ability to love your child. Follow Biogreen’s tips and you can look pretty even when your life revolves around your little precious

Does Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmilk help with your skin complexion?


Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmilk is made from organic oats, 10 types of natural unrefined grains, beans and nuts, making it a nutritionally-balanced formula packed with protein, calcium, fibre, folic acid and magnesium. 

  • Beetroot is rich in iron, folic acid and antioxidant that help to increase red blood cells and promote healthy blood circulation.
  • Two servings of Pink Lady Oatmilk provide 608mg calcium, fulfilling 60% of daily calcium requirement in adults, supporting strong bones and teeth health.
  • Inulin fibre (prebiotic) serves as food for friendly bacteria and enhances the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, ultimately a healthier digestive system and better immunity.


Suggested Consumption Method:

Mix 2 tablespoons (25g) Pink Lady Oatmilk with 250 ml warm water (avoid hot water). Stir well and serve. Can also be mixed with O’Young Natural Collagen Powder for better efficacy.

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