Active Ageing Makes The Difference!

Active Ageing Makes The Difference!

Did you know?

The average life expectancy of Malaysians is 72.3 years for male and 77.2 years for female. In 2015, there are 2.8 million, which is equivalent to 9% of the total population in Malaysia, are senior citizens. By the year of 2030, Malaysia is likely to reach the ageing nation category with more than 15% of elderly contributing to the total population.

As we age, gradual changes occur in our body, especially in our cells and organs, resulting in changes of function and appearance.

Select physical activities that you are interested in and start up gradually. If you are suffering from any chronic illnesses/medical conditions or you have been inactive, always check with your doctor the types and duration of exercises that are suitable for you before you start a new routine.

Does Biogreen O’Kid High Protein Soya Milk suitable for elderly? YES!



• Biogreen O’Kid High Protein Soya Milk is made of 100% organic sprouted skin-peeled soya bean which helps to ease with digestion, and it is suitable for individuals with gout problem.

• Contains up to 38% plant protein that can help to replenish muscle loss after strenuous exercise.

• Has no added sugar, it is therefore suitable for elderly individuals as well as diabetic persons.


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