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[10% Off] 2 x Biogreen 84 Live Sea Salt (Fine) (HALAL) 400g

France's Genuine Sea Salt Packed with 84 Types of Minerals and Trace Elements

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Containing a rich spectrum of 84  minerals and trace elements, Biogreen 84 Live Sea Salt is bursting with the natural goodness of the sea. Gently hand-harvested using traditional celtic technique, this authentic  sea salt with over 900 years of history in  France is naturally dried by the power of the sun and wind without additional heat. 

Certified  by France Nature & Progrès, Biogreen 84 Live Sea Salt will add a flavourful oomph to your dishes attributed to its richer nutrient profile as compared with heavily processed table salt.

Product of France

Natural Sea Salt (Certified by France's Nature & Progres)


  • Enhance body’s ability to self-repair by excreting excess sodium from the body.
  • Harnesses the bio-electric energy and magnetism from sea water.
  • Contains 84 types of macro and trace minerals.
  • Anti-pyretic – prevents or reduces fever.
  • All age groups
  • Suitable for high blood pressure patients, but not recommended to consume more than 2 teaspoons per day
  • Use as a replacement for table salt.
  • Add into drinking water to reduce body heat and relieve sore throats.

Store in cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

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